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Size: 1.3 GB

How to Install?

  1. This is a Single APK File that contains obb also Download it
  2. Click on Install And Open The Apk File.
  3. Now your OBB File will be downloaded Automatically.
  4. After completing the Update, Restart Your game.
  5. That’s It Now You are a PUBG New State User.

PUBG NEW STATE Test Version is now Available for both Android and IOS devices, Download PUBG New State Apk from our website Today. The PUBG New State Apk game is launching on 11th November 2021 & you can also pre-register the game from the google play store.

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PUBG NEW STATE (Player Unknown Battleground New State)

The long-awaited video game, PUBG New State was finally revealed in a trailer. The discovery left fans around the world eager for more from this anticipated title and an official release date has been announced. So keep reading this article for complete information of pubg new state.

Empower yourself, and join us at the launch of our new mobile game. Step into a world where you are king. Choose from four maps including future-set Troi map alongside fan-favorite Erangel. The graphics in this video are claimed to be better than all previous games thanks to state-of-the-art rendering technology which enables global illumination, auto exposure & instancing features among others on top of what was already known about smartphones’ capabilities against these things with current techs like emulators being banned as well keyboard/mouse becoming level playing field for gamers giving them more fair competition when it comes down not only performance but also fairness too making sure no one gets an advantage over another so whether its FPS-style gameplay or something else.

Pubg New State APK Release Date

A release date for PUBG New State, the mobile version of Play Unknown Battlegrounds, has finally been announced. The game is set to launch on November 11 and will be available in participating stores across both Android and iOS platforms that day as well as through pre-registration beforehand. Alpha testers have already had access during brief alpha tests but now we know when everyone else can get their hands on it.

What Are The Exciting Features Of PUBG New State

PUBG new state has taken a step into the future with its newest map, which takes place in 2051. The town of Troi is unlike any other before it-a a bustling metropolis full of natural areas and suburban living spaces for those who want more anonymity than their current home cities can offer them.

The new map, which is 8 x 8 in size and has a futuristic setting rather than being set during modern times as previous maps have been for the mainline game. The town center consists mainly of suburban living with some natural areas to explore like parks or forests surrounding it making this an interesting change from all other towns seen so far.


Hey users, so finally you can download the PUBG New State Apk & as well as OBB file from here in the trial version because the PUBG New State Game still not be released, it will releasing on 11th November 2021 so, if you want to download and play a real updated version of this game then you can do it so on November 11th, our website is fully updated and you will get all updates and news of PUBG New State game here for free.

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